About Us

The Overby Farm company was formed in 2004 to bring to the pet sector the benefits of the antioxidants found in tart cherries. Based at the time in Leelanau County USA (known as the cherry capital of the world) this enabled them to work with researchers and veterinarians at Michigan State University; Overby Farm licensed these patents and the formulations for Hip Flex and Hip Bones emerged. Seeing a synergy with their own interest in animal joint health, Garmon Corporation acquired Overby Farm in 2011 and now offer an extensive range of their products in Europe under the Overby Farm brand name.

Garmon Corporation's portfolio also includes:

For over 20 years Garmon Corporation have been manufacturing natural products to help provide the quality of life our pets deserve. Garmon Corp. is a fully compliant cGMP Standards facility, following the highest industry standards. We are an FDA registered and audited facility, as well as third party audited by U.L. Labs. Garmon Corporation is an NASC Audited Member carrying the NASC Seal on our labels, providing a symbol of “quality assurance” for consumers.

As a leading contract manufacturer, we strive to provide excellence in global regulatory compliance and quality management. Our Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Regulatory Compliance teams help to ensure that our people, practices, facilities, ingredients and components all meet or exceed the standards mandated by industry regulations, providing the highest quality products available.

We start with sourcing the best quality ingredients available on the market directly from well-known and vetted suppliers. Garmon Corp. is equipped with dynamic testing capabilities which allow all raw materials to be QC analyzed to verify quality and ingredient claims prior to release for use in manufacturing from raw ingredients to finished goods.

Our State of the Art facilities and equipment are capable of manufacturing turn-key pet supplements in the form of powders, tablets, liquids and soft chews with a variety of packaging options available.

We have the capacity to deliver finished goods within a time line that allows you to satisfy your consumer needs and take advantage of market conditions that require a quick and timely order process.